Strategies of Education Development

Strategies of Education Development

Level: 2

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS točke: 5

Lecturer: izr. prof. dr. Skubic Ermenc Klara


Autonomy, (de)centralization and quality
1. Levels and characteristics of the regulation of education system; differences in regulation according to the level of decentralization of education system;
2. The concept of learning outcomes (the culture of learning achievements); regulation of the system from the learning outcomes perspective;
3. The development of the concepts of pedagogical and school autonomy; school autonomy in Europe today;
4. Autonomy and accountability; accountability (responsibility) as pedagogical and economical concepts;
5. Quality and quality systems today, quality and accountability.

Homogenization of the European education area
1. The Lisbon strategy and the formation of the common European education policy.
2. Supranational and national qualifications frameworks: social and political context; modern frameworks, their aims, goals and characteristics; key terminology (framework of qualification, system of qualification, qualification, education) and terminological dilemmas; the realization of the goals and the issue of their realizability.
3. The Bologna process – impact and critique: aims, goals, the decision-making process; dilemmas and the research results on the realization of the aims. The issue of realizability.
4. The Copenhagen process: aims, characteristics, and the implications of the process for the development of initial and continuing vocational education in Europe and Slovenia. The tools (which support mobility, transparency, recognition of competences and qualifications, quality assurance) and their evaluation.