Oddelek za pedagogiko in andragogiko

Department of Educational Sciences

Bodies of the Department of Educational Sciences

Bodies of the Department

The department's bodies are:

  • the Head of the Department,
  • the Department Council and
  • the Student Council of the department.

The Head of Department is a university professor who leads the department, represents it externally, helps to resolve dilemmas that cannot be resolved by the individual and prepares proposals for consideration by the department's collegium. The Head of Department is appointed and dismissed by the Senate of the Faculty of Arts on the proposal of the Department Council and has a two-year term of office.

The Department Council is the highest body of the department, which is responsible for informing and taking the most important decisions concerning the entire studies at the department. It is composed of all the staff of the department, student representatives and the departmental representative(s) of the faculty's Student Council, if the department does not have a student council.

Department’s Student Council consists of at least five students from the department, one of whom is the department's representative on the faculty’s student council and at the same time the president of the student council.

For more information see Rules of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana